Find yourself needing ceiling repairs in Perth? This can be a frustrating time for many homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think. There are many contractors available that can give you a hand, though it’s important for your ceilings and your wallet that you choose the right one. You can […]

Sometimes DIY is not the way to go. There are many reasons why you should use professional technicians when you require a garage door service in Perth. I can always find a garage door service near me and you can too no matter where you live in the metro area. Here are some key reasons […]

Do I Need Ceiling Repairs in Perth?

Written by : Admin 22 Apr 2020

Can’t stop thinking about that crack on the ceiling? Are you being sensible or paranoid? Deciding whether you need ceiling repairs in Perth can be a big deal. However, often you can’t afford to deliberate for too long as the consequences for stalling can be great. If you find it hard to figure out what […]

The Most Experienced Gyprock Ceilings in Perth

Written by : Admin 10 Mar 2020

Don’t risk the stability of your gyprock ceilings in Perth! Who you choose to repair your ceilings is a crucially important choice. Choosing a company with ample experience with gyprock ceiling repairs in Perth is the difference between a passable repair job and a stunning ceiling that will last for many years to come. Perth […]

If you are reading this, a good guess will be that you are searching for a local ceiling repair company. When it comes to a damaged ceiling, there are a lot of things to take in to account. What is the cause? What solutions are there? How did it start? Is it possible to DIY? […]

Resurface or Renovate your Bathroom

Written by : Admin 26 Aug 2019

If it is time for a new bathroom but your budget will struggle to meet the expense of a full bathroom renovation, you may feel a bit stuck. This is usually why so many people end up with their chipped and stained avocado bathroom suite for so long. However what if we told you, you […]

Professional Ceiling Repair Bunbury

Written by : Admin 22 Jul 2019

If you are looking for a company that specialises in ceiling repairs Bunbury, then look no more because we have done all the hard work and research for you to give you the best. Southern Ceiling Repair provide plasterboard ceiling repair locally to Bunbury and surrounds  and have an impressive reputation for outstanding quality, speed, […]

Is your bath looking a little bit worse for wear? Does it look a little boring and tired? Maybe the unsightly bathtub is dragging down the tone of your entire washroom and you’ve had enough!  Well before you decide to buy a new one, stop because there is another way. You don’t have to worry […]

Ceiling Cracks – Cosmetic or Structural?

Written by : Admin 14 Jun 2019

Ceiling cracks are quite common but can still lead to either worry or neglect. But what causes crack in ceiling? Below is a quick guide to help you answer that question and how to fix ceiling crack before it turns into something far more serious. Over time, practically all residences will have ceiling cracks that […]

Home Info Guy Perth Western Australia Hello this is your old mate with Home tips and today we’re going to be doing something that scares a lot of people. We’re going to be fixing a crack in the ceiling as it is coming down, but these aren’t as hard as they seem to fix 20 […]