Sagging ceilings can be a big sign that there is something wrong with your foundations and that you’re in need of ceiling repairs in Albany right away. Leaving them be isn’t just an aesthetic issue, it can also compromise your safety. Ceilings that have been neglected run the risk of collapse which is dangerous to […]

3 Awesome Hacks To Make Your Hair Extensions Last

Written by : Admin 25 Feb 2020

Easy Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Extensions Isn’t it time your hair looked as beautiful as you deserve. With tape hair extensions in Perth you can have gorgeous, luscious hair instantly and with the right hair care you can have a long lasting source of stunning hair. Like all things, hair extensions are […]

Now-a-days with so much choice, the advantages to the consumer are that you can pick and choose to ensure you get the best product or service at the best price. So when it comes to that time of year (the annual spring clean!) I hire a skip bin and my main search criteria is the […]

Home appliances don’t last forever. So naturally we’re all going to upgrading ours from time to time and disposing of our old white goods. The problem occurs when these old appliances are disposed of incorrectly. Over 2.5 million unwanted white goods are sent to landfill every year in Australia. This takes up valuable space and […]

As a builder, I know that the quality of my work depends on more than just my craftsmanship and skill. A large percentage comes down to the products and materials you use. Good quality sand is vital to the success of a project and client satisfaction. However not all sand is created equal and not […]

Whenever you need a CNC router for sale in Sydney, Tekcel should be your only choice. Located right here in Australia, they produce can produce a CNC router machine that is fully customised to meet your needs and budget requirements. All their machines are bespoke and built bespoke and never compromise on productivity and cut […]

Recreational Skippers Ticket Workbook

Written by : Admin 04 Dec 2019

No one likes tests. So upon finding that you need to sit an assessment to get your recreational skippers ticket you may be a little nervous. Luckily, there is a handy little resource that you can use to ace that test. With the recreational skippers ticket workbook you should have all you need to pass […]

Acrylic Splashback Perth

Written by : Admin 16 Aug 2019

When you want to add some personality to your home or want something that dramatic yet practical, look no further than Acrylic Splashback. Yes splash back kitchens is where your mind would normally go to, but actually you can add them anywhere in your home from the office/study, bathroom, playroom, or dressing room. Acrylic splash […]