Resurface or Renovate your Bathroom

If it is time for a new bathroom but your budget will struggle to meet the expense of a full bathroom renovation, you may feel a bit stuck. This is usually why so many people end up with their chipped and stained avocado bathroom suite for so long. However what if we told you, you can still get your dream bathroom and stay within your budget? Bathroom resurfacing Perth solution is the solution where you can restore and refresh your entire bathroom at a fraction of the cost.  Many people are reaping the benefits of shower resurfacing and bath resurfacing in Perth and so could you.

What is Bathroom Resurfacing?

Bathroom and bathtubs resurfacing is where you keep your existing bathroom suite but resurface it so it looks as good as new. It’s pretty much the same concept as repainting your walls.

Bathroom resurfacing Perth solutions from leading company Mend A Bath consists of their experienced reglazing team expertly preparing the bathroom. Your room will be covered with protective sheeting to ensure no damage to any fittings and fixtures occurs. Then moving onto the area to be resurfaced, the original gloss finish is carefully removed to make the bath porous and ready for resurfacing.

You can choose between a large range of colours so you can get the exact look you are looking for without compromise. Want to match your existing suite? No problem? Want to step away from the dull beige and go for a bright white instead? Absolutely! The choice is yours.

A top quality coating of your chosen colour is then evenly applied to create a smooth and high lustre finish. 

Finally, the entire area is cleaned so it will look like a brand new suite. Unlike complete renovations, you do not need to worry about hiring someone to rip out your old suite, redo the tiles, buy and install a new suite and hire plumbers and electricians. It is these extra tradesmen, the cost of hiring a skip and rubbish removal as well as additional painter and decorator that can add hundreds more to your budget. Not to mention the hassle and organisation that is required on your part.

Instead a top quality bathroom resurfacing Perth service means your bathroom is completely resurfaced in as little as four hours and your bathroom is available for you to enjoy just 24 hours later.

It is this exceptional speed and convenience as well as the savings that really makes bath resurfacing in Perth so popular. 

2019 how much does bathroom resurfacing cost

The cost of bath resurfacing in Perth can vary. It is difficult to give an accurate quote because much depends on the size of the bathroom and what aspects of your bathroom you would like resurfacing. Do you want your entire bathroom resurfaced or just your bathtub or shower? How about your sink or maybe the tiles? What you choose determines the end cost but you’re not going in blindly.

Getting Quotes for bathroom resurfacing Perth

Mend A Bath offers free no obligation resurfacing bathroom Perth quote so you will have a clear indication of pricing. However no matter what size, material or state your bathroom is in, the renovation it will still definitely be a lot less costlier than a complete renovation and you could look to save up to 75%. With that much of a saving, you will still have money left over for all the little added luxuries such as a de-misting mirror, heated towel rails, luxury bath mats, rain shower heads and more.

Mend A Bath have built up an impressive reputation as experts in bathroom resurfacing Perth. Their friendly, reliable and knowledgable team can resurface your damaged, chipped, stain, discoloured, faded bath within budget and quickly without the worry of a complete renovation.