Acrylic Splashback in Perth

When you want to add some personality to your home or want something dramatic yet practical, look no further than Acrylic Splashback. Yes, splash-back kitchens are where your mind would normally go, but actually, you can add them anywhere in your home from the office/study, bathroom, playroom, or dressing room. The acrylic splashback is also the go-to for business, commercial and retail spaces.

They are fast becoming a practical, versatile and affordable alternative to tiles. There is a range of materials and colours to choose from and you can even get the acrylic splashback cut to any size which means you can use it just about anywhere you like. Whether you opt for acrylic mirror splashback to reflect light and make the room look larger or standard acrylic splashback with a colour of your choice, they are easy to clean, and the range of colour options makes them perfect for areas of high activity such as playrooms and nurseries.

Some companies like CDC Laser Cutting, Perth not only cut your splashback to size but also offer laser print services so you can print your chosen images directly onto the acrylic splashback. You can boast a one-off distinctive piece in your home!

How Do I Choose a Kitchen Splashback

Looking for a splashback kitchen? A splashback kitchen piece is great for protecting the tiles behind your hob from splatters and grease, but be careful. You will need to get advice from specialist providers.

CDC Laser Cutting is highly experienced and warns that you cannot simply choose any splashback. The acrylic kitchen splashback you need is dependent on the type of hob you are using. So you may be wondering “how do I choose a kitchen splashback?”

Well, your splash-back kitchen choice is determined by whether you have an electric or gas hob because of the temperature tolerance and heat variances which can damage the wrong type of acrylic. However, you can certainly use glass in these cases. Splashback kitchen acrylic is perfect for use behind an electric or induction hob and offers high practicality as well as design and style.

Splashback kitchen acrylic is so popular because it is so easy to clean, protects the walls, comes in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and materials and is incredibly durable. Unlike other materials, they do not discolour or age and unlike glass, acrylic is of course much safer.

Why Use Acrylic

Although acrylic is incredibly light, it is also incredibly strong and can easily be fitted onto any surface, whether you drill it onto the wall, or use the necessary adhesive to stick it on. If you select a mirror acrylic, you will need to fix it on a completely flat area or onto an MDF board first, to ensure you eliminate potential reflection distortions and ensure there are no lumps and bumps. Either way, installation is easy and once it is on the walls, it is low maintenance and highly effective.

As you have seen by now, there are so many benefits to Acrylic splashbacks. They are a great way to affordably update the look and feel of your home. Unlike painting or wallpapering, splashbacks add a real “wow” factor to your home and can completely transform the entire look of the room without much effort or the need to call tradesmen to install it.

They also protect your walls and surfaces from water, dirt, grease and grim. Other benefits of splashbacks are they are very easy to clean and require just a quick wipe-down with some warmth and soap. How much does a splashback cost?

CDC Laser Cutting has a range of different styles, sizes and colours all at affordable prices to suit any budget.

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