Become Your Own Captain With a Boat Licence in WA

Boating is a fantastic experience that many people enjoy. Boating is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your friends. However, it can be dangerous if you do not handle a boat safely and adequately.

If you want to improve your skills, learn more about boating safety, get your recreational skipper’s ticket or obtain your boat license in WA, it is a perfect time now. By joining a Perth boat school, you can guarantee yourself and your friends an enjoyable experience out on the water if you follow some easy and simple boat handling tips. Tips and tricks on how to be prepared like a real captain:

1. Boating Safety & Training Courses

Enrolling in Boating Safety and Training Courses will teach you everything from the basics of how to steer a boat, and navigate through waterways safely, as well as all sorts of boating safety precautions that can save your life. In Perth boat school, you can learn how to launch your boat into the water, anchor and dock it, and handle it properly when using a trailer for transport. You can also get your boat license in WA with ease and become your captain to head out into these waters yourself.

2. Navigation Skills

If you’re a boater with dreams of finding the perfect secluded beach to set anchor at, you must plan your route. This way, when it comes time for stepping on your boat, not only will the process be easier and more confident, but so likewise will be navigating through any potential obstacles along the way. It is also essential to look at the weather forecast and navigation apps for water depths and hidden dangers before casting off uncharted waters.

3. Equipment Check

It’s time to head out into the water, so it’s a good idea for you and your crewmates to double-check that all of your onboard equipment is in order. Make sure life jackets are fully functional with no holes, check if the engine is working smoothly and ensure there aren’t any leaks around the boat.

4. Boating Knots

Learning new boating knots can be tricky but beneficial when you’re out on the water by yourself or with friends. Take some time today to practice around before heading out this weekend.

Tying knots in ropes is an excellent way to get ready for boat time. There are quite a few different types, so it’s essential to learn them all and keep practising your skills, primarily when you are just enrolled in a course for your skipper ticket!

5. Every Captain Needs Advice

Last but not least, if you’re looking to improve your boat-handling skills, ask for help from a fellow slip holder at the marina or a nearby boat school in Perth. Maybe they know what’s up, or maybe one of their friends does and is more than happy to offer some assistance.

Sea Safe Boat School

Maybe you’re a boating enthusiast who is tired of having guidebooks sitting around collecting dust, or perhaps you just recently took up this hobby. No matter what it may be, Sea Safe Boat School in Perth has something for everyone! They offer accessible skipped ticket courses that will get anyone’s recreational skippers ticket and boat license valid for WA by the end of learning time.

Join the Sea Safe Boat School in Perth to learn about boating safety and get your skipper licence in no amount of time. With a no-risk guarantee, a quick course, and an easy assessment for obtaining your skippers ticket to Perth – this is one way you can make sure that it’s worth getting out of bed every morning! Give them a call at 0418 923 004 and learn about the many options you can get while acquiring more about becoming a professional captain.

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