Everything You Need to Know About Brickies Sand

What Is Brickies Sand?

Brickies sand is the choice for many bricklayers. The sand acts as an important base material and is mixed with various quantities of other materials (including cement, lime and water) to produce jointing cement or mortar mix. Brickies sand in Perth is naturally occurring and can be found in quarries throughout the metro area.

The colour and composition will vary depending on the location with quarries north of the river typically being lighter and having a higher clay content as well as fine silt. This makes it excellent paving sand as it compacts well but levelling off can also be more difficult.

Why Do Professional Bricklayers Use Brickies Sand?

Brickies sand is favoured by bricklayers throughout the country as it is the best type of sand for producing mortar which will, in turn, make their jobs that much easier as the bricklaying process is simplified. The clay and silt content of brickies sand is perfectly balanced so that the mortar that results is stickier and easier to work. Brickies sand is also often used for bonding and drying. It can do this as it acts as a water repellant, allowing the structural join to be sturdier and unaffected by moisture.

Brickies sand has a wide variety of applications and particularly in building construction. It can be used in agriculture, sporting arenas and any project that requires a moderate amount of clay. Some common applications of the sand include the construction of walls, sand joints, roof capping and limestone blockwork.

Why Do Professional Bricklayers Use Brickies Sand?

Brickies sand has a wide range of different varieties each having its unique benefits which make them more suitable for different applications. The three most popular types are yellow, red, and white brick sand.

Yellow Sand

Yellow sand in Perth tends to have a much higher clay content than other varieties which makes it heavily sought after in industries like bricklaying and masonry. The clay allows for this sand to have more water-repellant properties as well as enhanced workability and mixability.

Another name for yellow sand is “fatty sand” and is a fantastic choice for applications like paving, filling and bricklaying. It is also often used for landscaping and pool construction.

Red Sand

Red sand is much lighter than the other varieties which makes it a great choice for producing mortar or landscaping. However, the most common use for this sand is the construction of brick walls by using this sand as a base for brick cement mixes. Provided the right portions are used, the resulting brickwork tends to be very long-lasting and highly satisfactory.

White Sand

White sand in Perth creates a much cleaner and brighter finish compared to the other options. This makes it heavily desired for people in industries associated with landscaping, building or construction. Mortar applications that require a lighter colouration for the joint should use white sand.

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