Whenever you need a CNC router for sale in Sydney, Tekcel should be your only choice. Located right here in Australia, they produce can produce a CNC router machine that is fully customised to meet your needs and budget requirements. All their machines are bespoke and built bespoke and never compromise on productivity and cut […]

Recreational Skippers Ticket Workbook

Written by : Admin 04 Dec 2019

No one likes tests. So upon finding that you need to sit an assessment to get your recreational skippers ticket you may be a little nervous. Luckily, there is a handy little resource that you can use to ace that test. With the recreational skippers ticket workbook you should have all you need to pass […]

Acrylic Splashback Perth

Written by : Admin 16 Aug 2019

When you want to add some personality to your home or want something that dramatic yet practical, look no further than Acrylic Splashback. Yes splash back kitchens is where your mind would normally go to, but actually you can add them anywhere in your home from the office/study, bathroom, playroom, or dressing room. Acrylic splash […]