4 Ceiling Types to Improve Your Home Look

The ceiling is an essential part of a room that we can’t ignore. The look of the ceiling will affect the whole ambience of the room. Especially if it is the ceiling in our home, where we spend our rest and free time, we don’t want an unmatched ceiling style that will ruin our perfect rest time.

The room colour, including the ceiling style, will potentially affect your mood. So, make sure you choose the right one. If your ceiling has either cosmetic damage or structural damage, make sure to contact the experts in plaster ceiling repair before redesigning your ceiling.

For the ceiling design reference, we will share four ceiling styles you can choose to complete your perfect commercial and residential space.

4 Ceiling Styles for Your Property

1. Conventional Ceiling

The conventional ceiling is usually constructed of standard drywall finish and other budget-friendly materials. It is pretty easy to install and commonly used in homes. This ceiling type comes with a flat surface, plain colour and is sized between 8 to 9 feet high.

The conventional ceiling is way more accessible. However, the lower ceiling will make the room feels closed and small. You can raise it for a few feet to make it more spacey and beneficial to increase your property sale value.

If it is the case, raise your budget since it requires non-standard ceiling materials. Remember, the help of drywall and plaster ceiling repair experts is essential here. Consider first how important the sale value and aesthetic look are in case you want to convert from the conventional ceiling.

2. Cathedral Ceiling

The cathedral ceiling or vaulted ceiling comes with an inverted V look. The V tip is the highest point and both sides of the V slope down. The cathedral ceiling has a wide range of basic material varieties.

People use linear wood as the best option, panels or planks fasted either progressively or continuously. Commonly found in a large area of the home, homeowners love to install it in the living room, bedroom, and dining room or even in the main bathroom. The cathedral ceiling should have a wide angled frame to give enough space for ventilation.

Despite the aesthetic look, the cathedral ceilings come with installation challenges for the builders. The sloping and steep structure makes it hard to paint and maintain. However, wood is a natural insulator that will control the room temperature and reduce energy costs.

Make sure to contact the professional plaster ceiling repair first before renovating and changing the current ceiling with the cathedral ceiling to inspect the damage that may happen inside. 

3. Beam Ceiling

You can find the beamed ceiling both in commercial and residential buildings. In commercial buildings, beam ceilings are usually installed in corridors or hallways. Meanwhile, in the residential property, we can find it in the dining room or living room.

The beamed ceiling gives a contemporary style to the home though, in fact, it’s a traditional ceiling form. Mostly made of hardwoods such as Douglas fir, the beamed ceiling can give a classic and rustic touch to your home. 

4. Shed Ceiling

The shed ceiling is a single slope ceiling type. Commonly found in the attic or loft, the top level of the house. Installing a shed ceiling will give a unique touch to the home.

The ceiling is beginning from the highest side of the wall and slopes down to the opposite wall. Commonly the shed ceiling in commercial architecture will follow the structure of the shed roof. 


If you decided to install a new ceiling type in your house, choose the best one that fits your budget, the room space and the style you want to present in the room. Before doing the installation, you should assure your home is free from any ceiling structural damage.

Better to call the plaster ceiling repair experts in advance to prevent the worst case that may happen. Find a reliable plaster repair in Perth at your local to get a deep inspection and repair if needed.

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