Looking for the Cheapest Skip Bins in Perth? Look No Further!

Nowadays with so much choice, the advantages to the consumer are that you can pick and choose to ensure you get the best product or service at the best price. So when it comes to that time of year (the annual spring clean!) I hire a skip bin and my main search criteria are the cheapest skip bin hire in Perth. One name consistently pops up and that’s a name we all recognise; Jims Skip Bins WA

Why Hire Jim’s Skip Bins WA?

Jim’s Skip has a wide range of skip bin sizes for all your rubbish removal Perth needs. They have a knowledgeable and friendly team who are always on hand to help you book a bin to your exact requirements. 

Not only do they supply skip bins for residential uses, but they also supply rubbish removal for Perth services for the commercial sector. This includes corporate offices, high schools, restaurants or cafes, shopping centres, factories and events and festivals.

What Rubbish Can Be Put in the Skip?

Skip bin hire prices depend on the size and type of skip you need. It is important to note that you cannot simply throw everything into the skip bin. There are rules you need to stick to your cheapest skip bin hire in Perth could end up being very expensive.

To give you an idea, Jims Skip Bins WA have skip bins for various types of rubbish including:

  • Garden waste (eg. shrubs, clippings, branches)
  • Building waste (eg. doors, piping, cabinetry)
  • Domestic (eg. furniture, flooring, mattresses, ovens and hobs, white goods)
  • Industrial waste (eg. scrap metal, machinery)
  • E-waste (eg. PCs and laptops, hard drives, TVs)
  • Construction waste (eg. waste materials from renovation, construction or demolition projects)

Speedy Delivery and Rubbish Removal

You will want your skip bin delivered to you exactly when you need it so it does not stay on your property too long. You will not want a skip full of rubbish taking up space in your driveway and longer than you need to. You also want to ensure speedy removal and again this is where the service and reputation of Jims Skip Bins WA come in.

They have fast and prompt delivery and rubbish removal service with a wide range of skip bins available for immediate delivery. Jims Skip Bins WA provides the fastest, most reliable, and cheapest skip bin hire in Perth. They have a simple booking in process and a friendly customer service team who are on hand to answer any queries you may have.

In addition, they are also eco-conscious and work hard to ensure that the rubbish from the skip bins is sorted and recycled where it can be. All other items are disposed of environmentally and with the best care. So whether you are looking to spring clean your home, renovate, are moving house or even building a pool, book a skip bin with Jims Skip Bins WA.

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