The Only Choice for Premium Customised CNC Routers

  • Friday January 24, 2020
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Whenever you need a CNC router for sale in Sydney, Tekcel should be your only choice. Located right here in Australia, they produce can produce a CNC router machine that is fully customised to meet your needs and budget requirements.

All their machines are bespoke and built bespoke and never compromise on productivity and cut quality. They are industry leaders when it comes to reliability and value.

What Is CNC and What Types Do They Sell?

CNC is the short form for Computer Numerical Control. It is a system of programmable automation that is characterised by the numbers, letters and symbols controlling the process. Numerous technologies have adopted this system including the CNC router machine which automates the routing process to cut numerous materials including steel, wood, plastic and aluminium.

Tekcel specialises in 3 different product types:

  • P2
    This router has a smaller machine footprint but that doesn’t diminish its work capacity. It is easy to use and because all the axes have a familiar ballscrew drive, the router cut is reliable and precise and it has a long service life.
  • Enduro
    This is a versatile option that is built to be a heavy-duty production machine. The tangential carbide blades utilised in their OptiCUT oscillating knife system make cutting through all sorts of materials a breeze.
  • M Series
    This fully automated router can up your production capabilities by being a complete manufacturing cell. It is immediately ready to use upon implementation and increases production and output in a variety of industries including shop fitting, furniture making and cabinet making.

What Businesses Can Use CNC Machining Services in Sydney?

A CNC router for sale in Sydney can benefit a multitude of businesses. From architecture and engineering to woodworking and sign making, many industries can make use of routers. However, all businesses have different requirements, with varying needs and budgets.

Tekcel specialises in customisation so that it can accommodate any type of business, large or small. As the sole manufacturer of their CNC router machine, they can offer a more tailored experience for their customers. From variable table sizes to optional add-ons, you don’t need to compromise on the router you need.

What Is the Best CNC Router Machine for Your Business?

So you’re interested in CNC routing in Sydney but you don’t know what would be the best machine for your business? Contact Tekcel today! Tekcel staff have expert knowledge and superior customer service.

Because they specialise in customisation they are invested in finding the perfect solution for your needs that is also tailored to suit your budget.

Why Use a Tekcel CNC Router?

It’s hard to say no to complete customisation from a company that epitomises innovation and quality customer service. All manufacturing and designing are completed in their head office in Perth but their sales teams all around the country assist anyone who needs a CNC router in Australia.

With numerous CNC router parts available it can take as little as 2-3 months to get a fully customised CNC router machine that is tailored to your business. So contact Tekcel today and get a CNC router for sale in Sydney.

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