5 Most Common Reasons for Your Sagging Ceiling

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Are you suffering from sagging ceilings in Perth? These sags are not only unsightly but can be potentially dangerous depending on the cause.

The underlying issue will often determine whether you need urgent sagging ceiling repair in Perth or whether you just need a little bit of maintenance. Read on to find the most common reasons you might be dealing with ceiling sags.

1. Problems With Structural Movement

Many people don’t realise this, but a building expands and contracts due to changes in the weather. These slight shifts are usually not too noticeable but can be a real pain if they haven’t been factored in during the building process.

As the temperatures shift up and down, the foundations of your home will expand and contract, which can cause subtle shifts in the ceiling which can over time lead to a more significant warp. When this happens, you’ll inevitably see a huge dip and need ceiling repairs pronto.

2. Water Damage and Leaks

The problems that a leaking roof can cause for your ceiling can be immense and sagging may be the least of them. In this case, sagging is typically the result of extra weight being placed on your ceiling due to the absorbent capabilities of the insulation fibres.

As such, this needs to fix quite urgently as it can often result in a complete collapse. So, if you think water damage might be caused, contact sagging ceiling repair in Perth right away.

3. Roller Door Vibrations

This could be your issue if you notice sags in your garage. Sharp and repetitive movements, like the ones caused by roller doors, can cause a stress build-up over time.

These can then result in the presence of cracks, warps or even sagging ceilings in Perth. Normally, these aren’t something too urgent but one exception is when the door itself has been misaligned as a result so you might want to get a check-up just in case.

4. Age

Sometimes the problem is as simple as age. This is especially common for houses in need of plaster ceiling repair as those homes tend to be on the older side.

However, cracks can often appear in as little as two to three years and can be spotted from the presence of spiderweb-shaped cracks. This is usually fairly benign and just requires some maintenance work from Perth ceiling fixers.

5. Pests

The mention of termites and white ants often elicits terrified reactions from homeowners, and this is completely justified. However, burying your head in the sand won’t fix anything. Ceilings can find themselves damaged by these creatures just like any wooden structure and as a result, they can crack, sag and potentially collapse.


If you are worried about your sagging ceiling Perth call Perth Ceiling and Walls. They specialize in restoring homes of all kinds so whether you need them to restrain your plasterboard or to repair plaster ceilings they have you covered. Don’t hesitate to get the highest quality sagging ceiling repair in Perth and give them a call today.

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