7 Dinner Party Theme Ideas

Everyone loves a dinner party especially if it has a specific and unique theme that can create many memorable moments. From preparing the menu, decoration, and dress code even to the smallest thing like the invitation card, a themed party is a fun and loveable activity to participate in.

Therefore, which party theme to choose? Let’s discover some of the unique dinner party theme ideas for your reference.

1. Backyard or Garden Party

One of the popular themed parties in Australia where everyone gathers around in the backyard or garden of the host. This is a simple yet very engaging party where everyone can just mingle and interact with anyone freely accompanied by some popular dishes. A perfect themed party for a small family gathering.

2. Potluck Party

Pretty similar to the backyard party where it is usually hosted in a backyard or inside the house but the main highlight is the dishes. In other themed parties, the food & beverages are usually prepared by the host but for a potluck party, the guests will bring their homemade dishes which will be shared with anyone at the party. So it would become a party with a lot of dishes which are pretty popular with the younger generation.

3. Pyjama Party

Those cute pyjamas in your dresser will become the highlight of it. Yes, because the party’s main theme is about the dress code which happens to be the pyjama. This type of party is usually followed by a sleepover in the host’s house, therefore, a group of friends usually host this kind of party.

4. Moroccan Dinner Party

Moroccan dinner parties starting to become a trend in Australia following the rise in popularity of Moroccan food. Prepared for a large number of guests which is usually hosted in a specific building or a large backyard.

The highlight of the theme is in the details including the food, decorations, dress code and many other details that can showcase the Moroccan culture. Therefore, thorough preparation is needed which is usually hosted by a large community or even a company.

5. DIY Pizza Party

Everyone loves Pizza and a better way to celebrate it is by hosting a DIY Pizza Party where everyone can meet, eat and share their personalized Pizza with others. This is the kind of party that would be enjoyed to celebrate with friends, family and college.

6. Picnic Party

Remember the picnic bag/basket from the classic movie? Yes, you are going to bring that to a Picnic party.

Similar to a Potluck party, everyone will bring their homemade dishes in a Picnic bag but rather than hosting it in a backyard, this party usually host nature like a hill overlooking the lake or a lakeside. Everyone will bring some kind of cloth fabric and will set it as a place to sit and gather around then start sharing the dishes with others.

7. Pool Party

A popular party among the young generation especially during Summer where everyone will just go have fun accompanied by music and many games. It usually doesn’t involve much in the food department but more into the fun part, that’s why the Millenials love it. Yes, you can do the Pool party at night because when the sun goes down the party lighting goes up.


All of the parties listed above focus on everyone being happy which can create great memories together, therefore, always look for the fun and enjoyable parts when attending a themed dinner party. Also, don’t forget to take a memorable photograph while at the party. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.