Get to Know More about Your Garage Door Spring

Let’s be honest. We never really put attention into the complicated anatomy and parts of our garage door. All we know as long as the door can open and close, there’s nothing to worry about. We only feel reminded when something goes wrong. Suddenly we realized that we never really care to maintain the garage door parts, like the extension spring garage door. Unfortunately, we can’t turn back the time. It could happen anytime, probably when you are about to go for work. When the garage door stuck, it will block the driveway and your car. The worse thing is you can not do anything upon this nor leave it like this since it definitely will make your house vulnerable to the burglars.

Surely not anyone wants to experience this unfortunate event. You can reduce the possibility of having to deal with this issue by learning more about the essential aspects of the garage door. When you have understood the basic, you can learn about the garage door issues indication. Thus, when you can indicate the issue, you know when to get a garage door repair. The extension spring garage door is an essential part of the garage door as it works to open and close the door, by stretching out and uncoiling. That is why you need to keep the garage door spring performance at its best.

Having a good grasp of garage door springs is a good start to avoid an unfortunate event happens to you, a great start to understanding your garage door needs. Read on below to know more about the in and out of your garage door springs.

Two Types of Garage Door Springs

Actually, there are two types of springs exist:

Torsion Springs

The first type of garage door spring is torsion spring. It is also well known as sectional door springs. The spring is located over the door opening, mounted on the torsion pole. Just like the other springs, this one functions by storing the mechanical energy that makes them tight. When the door comes down, cables attached to both bottom corners of the door make the torsion springs to wind up and also tighten, saving the aforementioned mechanical energy. Once the garage door comes up again, the springs will unwind and release those saved energies, powering the door and helping it to be easier to lift.

Extension Springs

Extension spring garage door is known for its durability. It is located and attached to the tilt arms that is running alongside the garage door. Just like the torsion spring, the extension spring absorbs most of the garage door weight when it closes, stores the energy, thus, it can be released again to lift up the door when we push the button on the remote opener.

The Signs You Need Spring Replacement

You can inspect the garage door spring to check whether it needs service or not. Pull the garage door halfway up, then let it go. Make sure you are standing out of the doorway when you do this. You can apply this test to the garage door with torsion springs. If the door looks heavy or doesn’t stay in position, that can be a sign your garage door service needs an adjustment or replacement. You may visit the garage door spring shop Perth to find a new one. Or you can contact the expert of garage door spring repair to get it professionally fixed or replaced.

How to Maintain the Garage Door Springs

It is undeniable the garage door spring will eventually wear out over time, since we use the garage door daily, also due to corrosion. Indeed, we can not preserve the springs of the garage door forever. But, we can maintain by doing inspection and service over the springs regularly. By doing this, you can avoid getting a spontaneous issue when you use the garage door. It is best to get more information and advice on maintaining garage door spring from The Garage Door Shop, a reliable garage door technician.