Hair Extension Hacks: How to Keep Your Hair Extensions Healthy!

  • Friday October 25, 2019
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Tape-in and human hair extensions in Perth are increasingly becoming the number one preferred hair extension for stylists and consumers globally due to their hassle-free, easy application process and flawless results that are comfortable, natural and undetectable. Whether hair extensions are a permanent feature in your everyday look or if you are just thinking about trying them out, it is important to know how to effectively maintain and care for them so that they last longer and stay healthy. Caring for and maintaining human hair extensions can be a complicated process and a difficult routine to stick to.

However, whether you’re working with clip-in hair extensions, weave hair extensions or tape-ins, ensuring you have a regular care routine that is straightforward to follow is essential. Read on for important hair extension hacks to ensure your human hair extensions have the highest quality of life, which will in turn make your life a lot easier! While we mainly talk about tape in hair extensions, the information provided applies to all types of high-quality, human hair extension sets.

Invest in a Good Brush

Use a proper extension brush to ensure that hair doesn’t tangle or rip which is what could happen if a regular brush is used. If you are looking for a good extension brush, Queen Bee Hair Extensions specialises in human hair extensions in Perth and has the appropriate tools and brushes necessary for maintaining all types of hair extensions including clip-ins, tape-ins and weave hair extensions.

You should brush your hair gently from the ends and work your way towards the roots at least twice a day. This is a quick and effortless routine to get into to keep those locks looking luscious.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

Human hair extensions do not receive the same oils and nutrients as our natural hair, so locking in moisture, conditioning and hydrating the hair is key. Look for sulphate and alcohol-free products which don’t dry or tangle the hair.

You should also avoid vigorously scrubbing the extension strips when washing them as this can lead to tangling and matting. Using heating tools on the tape tabs will damage them so try to avoid those areas, and always remember to use a protective spray on the hair whenever you style with hot iron tools.

Night-Time Preparation

Beauty sleep will take on a whole new meaning once you have hair extensions. If left down, your hair will likely be tangled and knotted in the morning which will be a pain to smoothen out.

While we don’t recommend sleeping in a straight jacket, you can minimize this by brushing your hair properly before going to sleep and tying it up in a loose braid or a ballerina bun on the opposite side on which you sleep. If tangling still occurs despite taking these steps, you should consider investing in silk pillowcases or improved results.

Where Might I Find Tape-in and Human Hair Extensions Near Me?

Queen Bee Hair Extensions are a well-renowned and reputable human hair extensions specialist in Perth. They are here for all your human hair extension issues including tape-ins, clip-in human hair extensions and weave hair extensions in Perth. If you need any more advice or information, the team at Queen Bee are at your service!

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