How a CNC Router Can Shape the Future of Your Business

  • Wednesday August 28, 2019
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Since its inception CNC (computer numeric control) routers empowered the manufacturing industry by enabling greater precision and accuracy. As competition for manufacturers intensified over the years, CNC Router has helped businesses to increase production, lower costs and improve the quality of products as well as enabling manufacturers to defend their market share and remain competitive status in the industry. Tekcel builds and manufactures CNC Routers here in Australia.

Tekcel can build a fully customized CNC Router to suit the needs and requirements of any manufacturing business. Their specialized CNC router Melbourne team can guide you to choose the best one as per your requirements and budget. Below Tekcel has put together a brief explanation of how CNC router Melbourne can make your business more profitable.

Understanding CNC Machines

Where the machining process is controlled by a computer, a CNC Router can turn a piece of plastic, steel, acrylic, foam or wood into a finished product. It turns ideas into products. CNC Router has a rotating cutter for making grooves, shapes, decorative mouldings and carvings.

Has a table surface where tools travel across in an XYZ direction. The tool travels to the area needed and dips to the depth needed to cut the material underneath.

What Can a CNC Router Do for My Business?

With the existence of CNC, cutting objects can be done much easier and faster. Gone will be the days of running complicated steps to make sure the cutting process fully follows a specific design. CNC routers offer better precision than manual processes.

Continuous and repetitive work is done faster and easier cutting labour costs and since its precise, overall waste is reduced. CNC Router WA can boost productivity, reduce downtime and expand your product line which in turn will boost your profits.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing one isn’t about “What is the best CNC router”. It’s about the best CNC router for your business. There are many factors to consider, one of them is the table size.

The surface area of the material is what will determine the size that you need. Tekcel CNC Routers have standard table sizes that range from 2500mm x 1540mm to 4100mm to 2058mm. If a standard size didn’t suit your requirements, Tekcel CNC Routers can produce a customized table size as per your needs.

Contact the CNC cutting Melbourne team to help determine what best suits your business.

Why Choose Tekcel CNC Routers?

With over 20 years of experience providing CNC cutting solutions, Tekcel specialises in building machines that are cost-effective and easy to use. Tekcel CNC Routers are built and manufactured in Perth Australia. Their exceptional service provides you with an innovative and fully customized machine.

A local CNC router Melbourne team that can offer support and help to determine which CNC Router best fits your business. With a short 2 – 3, month lead time on a custom-built CNC router, Tekcel will ensure that the machine has met your business demands. If you are ready to make your business more profitable, get in contact with Tekcel.

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