How to Choose the Right Bin Size for Your Skip Bin

Need help figuring out the ideal size for your skip bin in Perth? Skip bins come in a wide range of sizes and it can be difficult to work out what size you need. Getting the wrong size skip bin is scary.

No one wants to have a skip bin that’s too small requiring them to order another one but also no one wants one that’s too large because that’s unnecessarily expensive. Luckily, there are some ways you can work out the right bin size for you.

What Do You Need to Dispose Of?

Before you choose the size of your skip bin in Perth, you need to think about what you need to dispose of. Will your items be bulky and compact?

Compact materials like bricks, stones and soil won’t take up as much space as bulkier, oddly shaped materials like furniture and large branches. If you can break down the bulkier items, this can create much more space for you to fit other items in.

How to Know Which Size Skip Bin You Need

The exact size you’ll need will of course depend on your  exact project but here are a few average estimates:

Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation requires the removal of items like baths, shower screens, sinks, tiles and old cupboards. This is often combined with other materials like packaging and building waste. 3 cubic metres is often good enough for most jobs like this

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens vary hugely from house to house but renovating the average kitchen consists of a sink, a stove and some bench space. 4 cubic metres tends to be enough for kitchens like these but if yours happens to be larger than most you’ll probably need an equally larger size.

Moving House

Housewide clean-ups can often lead to a lot of junk needing to be thrown away. This is especially true when moving house due to the clearance of old furniture and white goods. Usually, between 4-6 cubic metres is enough for this kind of move.

Deceased Estate

Clearing out a deceased estate is a sad occasion so don’t add to your issues by ordering a skip bin that’s too small. These projects typically require the removal and disposal of a large number of items. Skip bins as large as 20 cubic metres may be necessary.

Get in Touch for More Assistance!

If you don’t know what sized skip bin in Perth you need to contact a skip bin company today. WA Skips are experts in rubbish removal in Perth. They have a wide range of skip bin sizes suitable for any project.

When you use them you can expect nothing but professionalism and quality. If you want the cheapest skip bin hire in Perth contact WA Skips today.

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