How to Properly Clean Garden Waste

One of the daily residential wastes that can be a hassle to clean it is garden waste because it could cover a large area including the many types of garden waste which could take up so much time and effort. However, there are always some solutions for the best course of action for cleaning the garden waste properly, here are some tips that you can follow.

Understanding the Types of Garden Waste

In short, garden waste is all rubbish that is scattered all over the garden area. However, you need to dig a bit more about it because this could lead to an environmentally friendly movement. Therefore, here are some of the known types of garden waste:

  1. Fallen leaves and withered flowers
  2. Tall Grass and weeds
  3. Old Tree bark and clipped branches
  4. Clippings twigs
  5. Soil
  6. Rotten fruits and vegetables

Garden Clean-up Preparation

If you have decided to do the clean-up by yourself certain essential tools are required to make the work a bit easier, they are:

  1. Safety gardening gloves
  2. Secateurs or hand pruners
  3. Electric grass trimmer or lawnmower
  4. Garden fork 
  5. Garden spade
  6. Garden rake
  7. Garden broom
  8. A Garden hose or water can
  9. Green bin

These essential gardening tools can be bought in the local tool shop easily. 

Where to Start the Garden Clean-Up?

Start with the most visible first which is trimming the tall grasses using an electric grass trimmer or lawnmower, then sweep the tall grasses along with fallen leaves or twigs with a broom or rake, swipe it clean from the furthest area ends up to the closest with the bin. Next, collect all of the withered flowers or rotten fruits and vegetables which you might want to use a hand pruner to cut the branches. Put all of the waste in the green bin to organize and manage them easily.

Composting and Recycling

Garden waste is among the type of waste that is recyclable and used as a compost material. Compost would be a great way to be applied to your garden as fertilizer for the flowers or fruits and vegetables. If you are not sure how to make compost from the garden waste, deliver the bark, grass and hedge cuttings, leaves, plants, small branches, twigs and weeds to the recycling centre where they will make it for you.

Hiring Rubbish Removal Service

Another simple solution that is popular with many homeowners in Melbourne is hiring the service of green waste removal in Melbourne mainly because the residents of Melbourne don’t have time to spare to do the clean-up by themselves. Therefore, opting for the services of a company like 1Call Rubbish Removal will give them a lot of benefits for a fair service fee. 


It’s mandatory to keep your garden as clean and tidy as possible because not only it can give a better look at the house but for everyone’s safety. Pests like rats, insects and even snakes love to make a nest in a messy and unorganized garden, especially if it has tall grasses. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.

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