How to Fix a Ceiling Crack, It’s Easy!

Hello, this is your old mate with Home tips and today we’re going to be doing something that scares a lot of people. We’re going to fix a crack in the ceiling as it is coming down, but these aren’t as hard as they seem to fix 20 min and it did. Looks like we got a little joint here we’re going to get this buttoned up.

I’m going to show you how. Let’s get to it.

The first thing we’re going to do is scrape down the loose texture that looks like we’ve got… It’s just coming apart here. You just keep going.

Once we get all of our loose stuff off, we’re going to take some mesh tape fibreglass. And we’re going to tape the seam. Now, this is self-adhesive so it’s going to save you a step.

Between using this or the paper tape now I’m going to try to get this tape right along the same seem as I had before because it’s just going to cover better, it’s going to hide better.

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Looking good. Now we are going to mix up some easy sand. Five-minute ceiling mud.

I’m just going to go with about this much. And you’re going to want to add water to this and mix it up to about the consistency of mayo. Nice gentle swirl into you can start controlling it in the pan otherwise it’s going to slosh out.

And try to get all the powder packets out. Make it nice and smooth you go to work quickly you only have five minutes before it hardens. Nice smooth coat over the whole thing all One Direction a nice smooth coat.

Then you can go to angle your knife to the ceiling on either side to kind of close off that lip. Get all the tape covered. That’s a good first coat we’re going to let that set.

It’s been about 30 minutes. Looking good. Looking pretty dry.

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I’m going to go ahead and give it a light sand. I’m just knocking down where the edge of my mud line and the edge of my mud line over here uh where it’s a little thicker and feathering it into the ceiling. All right.

It’s looking good. I’m going to mix up a little more give it a little thinner than mayonnaise this time about sour cream and we’re going to put a light skim on it to cover up the little ripples of the tape. Everything else looks like it’s blended well so I think it’s going to tie in nicely.

Let’s just do one smoother coat to cover the tape. All right looking good. We’re going to give that another 30.

We will be ready to paint. Looking awesome. Now we’ve got our colour-matched ceiling paint.

This is out of the same can as the ceiling was painted with. I would suggest you not colour-matching ceiling paint. There are a million different whites.

More than likely you’re going to have to paint the whole ceiling. This one came out of the same pain can, so we are good to go. So that’s it.

We just rocked that ceiling repair and now it’s like it never happened. Now you can start inviting people over to your house again. I hope you learned something today and if you did, don’t forget to click subscribe.