How to Obtain Your Skippers Licence in Perth

  • Monday August 26, 2019
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Have you ever considered being a Skipper of your boat? Having a skipper’s ticket in Perth WA allows you to successfully and responsibly hire, own and operate a boat and set sail across the seas. Imagine being confident enough to sail further and explore the wonderful islands that WA has to offer?

You can enjoy the day with your family and friends, partake in water sports, see the NYE fireworks or just partake in some casual sailing. To get your skippers to licence in Perth, you will need professional training, but don’t worry. It is not that difficult. Below is all you need to know to obtain your skippers licence.

So firstly let’s answer the common questions “Do I need a skippers ticket WA?” and “How do I get my boat licence?”

Getting a skippers licence isn’t mandatory but sailing without one is risky. You have a responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself and whoever is on the boat with you. There are many aspects of boating that you may not even have considered so understanding the ins and outs of boat management and safety is as important as obtaining your driving licence.

Next, let’s look at how to obtain your boat licence. There are plenty of boat schools to choose from, but you want one that offers course flexibility, pricing, instruction and a high pass rate. That’s why we recommend Sea Safe Boat School.

Sea Safe is one of the leading boating schools that can help you get your very own skippers licence in Perth. They have experienced, knowledgeable and specialist trainers who will help you understand all the rules and regulations of boating. To get your Skippers ticket in Perth WA you will need to provide proof of identity.

You will need to offer ONE evidence of identity file, below are your alternatives:

  • Australian Driving Certificate
  • Australian Ticket
  • Evidence old Card
  • Australian Defence force photographic identity card
  • Federal or Western Australian law enforcement agent photographic identity card
  • Marine certificate of expertise bring a photograph of the holder

If you have one of these then there are no other IDs needed. Yet if you are not able to give any of the provided documents, you can contact your Skippers ticket Perth WA provider who may work out an alternate plan.

EyeSight Evaluation

If the candidate does not have a valid driver’s permit or learner’s authorisation, you can then move on to your eyesight exam. The eye exam should be done utilising the correct Department of Transport form.

Non-Department of Transportation kinds will be most likely rejected by the department who are providing the Skippers ticket. The sight examination can be accomplished by any physician.

Clinical Statement

No medical or fitness examination is needed. The clinical declaration is a straightforward self-declaration, if you believe you have a medical problem that would and might affect your ability to securely as well as sensibly skipper a boat, then that’s where a medical checkup will certainly be needed.

Obtain Your Recreational Skippers Ticket in Perth

With those things detailed above, you will be able to take pleasure in the activities of boating without having to deal with safety and security problems. Once you get your Skippers licence in Perth, your family, friends and crew will feel safe, and comfortable and trust you that you can guarantee their safety and security. Obtaining a Skippers ticket in Perth WA is not difficult.

At Sea Safe Boat School they have a thorough and well-thought-out range of courses for beginner to experienced sailors. The course structure is well thought out and includes face-to-face tuition and plenty of information to ensure you have all you need to pass your theory test. After the theory test, you are then able to move on to the practical part of the course which is carried out in modern boats.

There is a state of the art facilities and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes the entire experience enjoyable. If you need to know even more about obtaining your Skippers ticket in Perth WA, contact Sea Safe Boat School for more information on the right course for you.

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