How to Sell Your Car Fast With the Least Amount of Hassle

Selling a car in Perth can be a hassle. From getting a mechanics report to advertising it and all the things in between like spending cash on repairs, cleaning and polishing it, taking photos and not to mention dealing with no-shows. Whilst it’s a good idea to make minor repairs to your car, the option to sell your car on “as is condition” is there.

Dream Lucky Scrap Metal, the premier car removal Perth company, offers cash for cars in Perth. No matter the age, model or condition of your car, Dream Lucky Scrap Metal will offer you cash on the spot and remove your car the same day.

No Hidden Fees

Selling your car privately means you have to fork out expenses and sometimes pay for advertising. Not only you will get low–ball offers but means you have to spend money before you even sell your car. 9 out of 10 times cars sell for below their advertising price and often sellers have to complete all the paperwork.

Selling your car to Dream Lucky Scrap Metal will not cost you anything. Their process is transparent, and they will take care of all the paperwork for you. Once you have accepted their cash for cars Perth offer, their Perth same-day car removal service ensures your car is gone that same day.

Cash in your hand and car went in one day sounds good, doesn’t it?

Free Car Removal

Who wants to waste time with potential buyers asking you millions of questions, wanting to sight service history and haggling on the price when all you want is to get rid of the car? Dream Lucky Scrap Metal want your car, so they will make the process as easy and stress–free as possible.

Their professional car removal Perth team wants to get your car to their yard as soon as possible and they will take care of everything for you. If you have been asked to pay by a scrap car removal company, you need to shop around as it shouldn’t cost you anything you should be offered cash for cars in Perth.

Why Choose Dream Lucky?

As leaders in the car removal Perth industry, they offer top cash for cars in Perth. Their transparent process takes the stress away from you and ensures your car is gone the same day. After making contact, they will be there within hours, if you accept their offer the cash is yours to do as you please.

They will fill out all the necessary paperwork and take the car away. For any old car removal in Perth, Dream Lucky Scrap Metal is the obvious choice. With cash in hand and the car going the same day, you get the best of both worlds.

If you have a car lurking away, contact them today.