Why Plasterboard Is the Best Material for Your Ceiling

Unsure what material to use for your ceiling? The top choice is undoubtedly Gyprock plasterboard. It is easily the most effective and best-value material used in ceiling construction today and that’s why it is used so frequently.

From shops and businesses to hospitals and schools, even residential properties, there is hardly a building that couldn’t benefit from a plasterboard ceiling. With many advantageous innate properties as well as optional ones achieved from newer, innovative designs, plasterboard is the top choice for customers and industry professionals alike.

Advantages of Using Plasterboard

There’s a reason why plasterboard has become so widely used or perhaps more aptly there are many such reasons. Upon its introduction in the 1940s, plasterboard quickly became one of the most popular materials, surpassing most other materials that have been used for centuries. Advantages of plasterboard include:

Easy Installation

Because it is light and safe to handle, the risk of injury during installation is quite low. Plus, the process takes significantly less time compared to alternatives.

Easy Repair

Because it is so easy to install and remove, plasterboard ceiling repairs in Perth are much quicker, easier and as a result cheaper.


If you’re looking for high-quality materials for budget prices then plasterboard is the choice for you. In addition to being a cheaper choice naturally, speedy installations and repairs mean that the cost of ceiling contractors in Perth is also reduced.


Due to its flexibility and plasticity, gyprock plasterboard is very versatile and malleable, able to be moulded into any sort of design you may be after.

Fire Resistant

In Australia, we have to be aware of the danger fire can cause. Luckily, plasterboard is very fire resistant and helps slow the spread in the event of a fire,

Is Plasterboard Environmentally Friendly?

A gyprock ceiling is a very environmentally friendly choice for a couple of reasons. Firstly, is completely recyclable. As it is made from simple materials with a wide array of applications, many government efforts are focusing on the diversion of 100% recyclable plasterboard away from landfill.

Another reason why plasterboard is an environmentally friendly choice is that they are frequently made from recycled materials themselves so waste production at all stages is minimal. Not only that but it is completely free from any hazardous materials, so a healthy living environment is ensured.

Get the Best Plasterboard Ceiling Installation & Repair in Perth

With all its clear advantages, the plasterboard ceiling should be the number one choice for your house. Ceiling companies like Perth Ceiling Repairs will be able to care for all your gyprock plasterboard needs. They have many years of experience and have built a solid reputation for providing top-quality products and workmanship.

They specialise in both installation and repairs with customer satisfaction being at the forefront of their ethos. They even take care of insurance work. Choosing Perth Ceiling Repairs is choosing quality guaranteed.

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