Why Use Acrylic Mirror Sheet?

Want all the benefits of a glass mirror without worrying about the downsides? An acrylic mirror sheet provides the perfect alternative for glass as it is just as transparent but much stronger and without that pesky tendency to shatter. Add to that their flexibility, ease of cutting and cost-effectiveness and it’s no wonder that acrylic sheets are continually increasing in popularity.

What Can Acrylic Mirror Be Used For?

Acrylic can be cut to size incredibly easily and such be used as glass mirror substitutes in a wide range of settings. Some potential applications include mirrors for gyms, dance studios, horse stables, retail displays and exhibitions.

As you can see, all these are places where the fragility of glass may be quite a hindrance and potentially even dangerous as well as in conditions where safety is prioritised. The range of colours also means that acrylic mirrors are also quite good for decorative uses and DIY projects.

The Advantages of Using Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Most mirrors are made of glass and this has several considerable downsides, the most significant being its propensity to shatter. Acrylic sheets provide many of the benefits of glass but with the advantage of being cheaper, lighter and of course, much more durable.


Not only is acrylic a comparably cheap material, but it also doesn’t require much maintenance. A soft cloth, some detergent and warm water are all that’s needed, with no extra money needing to be spent on specialised cleaning products. Similarly, if the acrylic has become scratched it takes just a little bit of polish (that can be used with plastics) as well as a buffing wheel and it will have a shine as good as new.


Acrylic is much lighter than glass it’s approximately half the weight. This makes it cheaper and easier both to deliver and install. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to mount acrylic plastic sheets but to prevent unwanted warping, it should always be mounted on a flat surface.

Impact Resistant

An acrylic mirror sheet is both durable and flexible which means it is significantly more impact resistant. It is up to 17x stronger than glass which is fantastic for schools, stables or prisons as it drastically reduces the risk of accidental breakage.

Getting Your Acrylic Mirror Sheet in Perth

For the best quality mirror acrylic sheets, the best place to go is CDC Laser. They offer a wide range of sheets from polycarbonate to Perspex sheets and can cut to whatever size you want.

For friendly customer service and high-quality products, you’ll find no better supplier throughout the northern suburbs. So, if an acrylic sheet sounds like the material for you, check out their website or give them a call.

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